Can you guess my Pitching velocity Can you make a guess on what the velocity of my pitches is approximately? Someone with experience. SInce ive never seen fast pitches to compare . I live in Greece.

I am going to guess 65 mph plus or minus 3 miles per hour. Based on the following:

Arc and path of the ball

Perceived time of travel

The catcher’s handling of the pitch

The first two alone are tough to make a guess on, the catcher is the best indicator to me. He looks inexperienced yet moves to pitches and receives them firmly even when off target. The higher pitch velocity gets the more an inexperienced catcher sticks out. I would think anything much over 70 mph would cross the catcher up on the outsude ball and anything over 80 mph would eat him alive even on well located pitches.

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Probably like 65 mph

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thanks thats what i think too. about 65mph


Where is this?

My first thought was 65

Greece in a small town :smiley:

Me and some friends started a baseball team from scratch to our town. ANd against all odd this is the second baseball game ever played in the town.( we play the first game last year :smiley: )

What is the distance you are pitching from? Just a matter of looking at time stamps on the video and figuring out distance over time. If you are more interested than an educated guess.

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