Can you ANALYZE my son's pitch & swing Mechanics?

I am seeking someone (ideally a former pro/high level college coach/player) to analyze my 13yo son’s swing & pitch mechanics.

I would like to email you 2 videos - one pitching & one hitting (approx. 4 seconds each). I would like you to upload the videos and use analysis software to slow-motion his mechanics, break them down with graphics and voice-over with tips on what he is doing wrong and what he can do to get better… then email the videos back to me…

I will pay you for this service and I would like to do this every 30 days.

If this is something you can do please shoot me a PM


Send me the pitching one and I will give it a look. For no charge, I will give you some helpful hints as a physics professor and former pro pitcher: who btw, can still throw a pill.

Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

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Strange request, not that it’s unreasonable, just unusual.

Here, you can post your video and have a number of well qualified people, professionals and amateurs alike, do a very fine job of helping both you and your boy. All of this by the way, with excellent observations and critiques - without cost or in kind, from you.

I want to offer my experience, many years ago, with a similar request.

When I first contributed my experience here, I was contacted via a PM to observe and offer my advice via a download sent to my e-mail address. I didn’t think much of it at time and gladly offered my e-mail address. Within a week, a e-mail was sent to me and it contained an introduction asking for assistance with respect to pitching critiques, referencing this web site. The program that I was using, complimenting my e-mail, screened spam, viruses and other such products. Such was the case in that instance. Instead of a request for assistance, turned out to be a worm that would have nailed my computer big time.

So, I don’t want to dampen your request and those that respond to it - but, considering the nature of today’s computer intrusions, my suggestion to all that respond, tread lightly here.