Can u start at 13 year old and make it to the big leagues?

I am a 13 year old boy who became interested in baseball literally last year. Now im trying to learn to become a pitcher. i want to see if i can make it to the big league and i want to now if any other professional pitcher has made it there stating at my age or more? [/b]

The first name that comes to mind here is Joe Nuxhall, who was all of fifteen when the Cincinnati Reds signed him. The next one is Bob Feller, who was sixteen when he made his major league debut (and won the game). Granted, these were rather extreme circumstances, but I don’t see why this is not a possibility. You work hard at it, learn everything you can, and see what develops. 8)

Young or old anyone can do anything they want if the put the work in. Jim Morris was known for being one of the oldest rookies to join the majors. He obviously had to work to get past all the behind that back chat that was going on. He was a legend.

Keep working at it. Good luck!

If you are a good athlete and willing to put in the extra effort then anything is possible. It will take time and effort both on the field and in the weight room, after you are 14 or 15, but nothing says it can’t be done!