Can the Battery Do That?

Here’s one for ya…

The batter places himself in the batter’s box, ready to take a pitch.

The pitcher delivers two perfect strikes, one after the other.

But wait … on the next signal … the catcher signals for a pitch-out, stands straight up - stretches his mitt out and the pitcher delivers a pitch-out as called for.

“BALL ONE!” the plate umpire calls.

The catcher again, stands straight up - sticks out his mitt, the pitcher delivers another pitch-out.

“ BALL TWO!” the plate umpire calls.

The catcher again, sticks out his mitt … but this time just when the pitcher is going through his delivery motion … the catcher takes his place right behind home plate … and the ball is a perfect strike!


Can the battery do this?? I mean … come on… the catcher stood up and deliberately called for a pitch-out! Isn’t he and his pitcher now obligated to deliver a pitch out?

Coach B.

I’m going to say yes. I don’t know the rule but i’ve always assumed to stay ready to hit even if you are being intentionally walked because I don’t think there is a rule saying if you start walking a guy on purpose that you HAVE to walk the guy.

That is one tricky catcher…

Nope … the pitcher is not obligated to deliver a pitch that’s called for by the catcher … regardless what the catcher does. Now this does not take into account special rules elected by leagues and organizations that think otherwise.

However, If the pitcher decides to send something down range that has “surprise!!” plastered all over it … I’m sure said catcher will have something to say …“surprise!!”, in return to said pitcher.

Coach B.

good call coach b. Good trick play, would probably work at the high school level. Heck, I might try it this year.