Can someone show me how I can get better


I throw from anywhere between 89-91 but I did a weighted ball program and I feel like I’m throwing harder also I started pitching last high school season


Read through this post. Scroll down and look for similar. Looking great. Definitely many on here that can tell you about mechanics improvement. Lots of good stuff posted already in the past. Good luck


yea, only problem is people say to do and not teach unfortunently


is this to me


im confused


It’s for anyone who finds it useful to their situation. Finding ways to improve a 91-93 mph fastball takes experience and hardwork. Practice gratitude while keeping a open mind and the pieces will fall into place.


I feel you but I also think it’s all on the arm ,just like the catcher from San Diego that throws 96 and yordano ventura has a whip with a short stride


Agree. My advice is sort through all the older post you can. You will get some great advice soon. Absorb as much knowledge as you can. Wisdom is knowing when and how to apply it to your situation. Keep up the hard work,


Maybe post one more video. Straight bull pen or game video all pitching.


Ventura uses his lower half/loads better than nearly anyone.

To me, your biggest bang for the buck would be improving your arm action. It seems a bit long and seems a bit inefficient. Your lower half is pretty solid. Watch your infield throws and your arm action compared to most infielders.

If you were my pitcher, to improve the quickest, I would have you work on overweighted plyoball drills (pivot pickoffs specifically) and weighted ball drills to tighten up your arm action and make it more efficient/quicker. What weighted ball program are you on?


I go from 7 through 12 ounces and the regular baseball last
First I do pivot throws ,5 throws with each ball then Second I do the throws with one knee on the floor
and last I like run backwards turn and throw
And I do it with 2 day rest


Can you get a heavier plyoball? Like 2 lbs for the pivot picks?


Yeah before I used to do the program with a softball and everyday I would add a nail ,I’ll try to get a 2 lbs ball


If you can get a 2 lbs ball, look at doing more pivot throws than you had before. In my routine, it’s normally about 20-40 pivot throws, just depending on the day. Other than that, just keep throwing hard man. Intent to throw the ball as hard as possible is definitely the way to throw hard.


One thing I will recommend is to stay lower to the ground when fielding the ball.


Thank you ,honestly all of you guys thanks