Can sombody explain this to me?

Just wondering if somebody could explain to me how Tendonitis and a torn ligamint feel different? I recently was throwing and trying to throw a little too much too soon, and by the end of my session, I could barely move my arm. after about an hour afterward my arm was sore, but I had a full range of motion. So I was hoping somebody could enlighten me about the difference between the two ailments, and the proper treatment. Thanks guys.

I am not sure of the difference in pain but I DEFINITELY recommend going to a doctor asap.

Here’s what I can tell you about the difference between the two ailments. Tendinitis is basically an inflammation, and it can be relatively mild or pretty rough; it will usually respond to rest and more or less conservative treatment. A torn ligament? That’s what happened to Daisuke Matsuzaka, and he will be undergoing the Tommy John surgery and be out for the rest of the season and much of next—you don’t mess with that. In any event, have a doctor look at it right away.
I remember what happened to Ed Lopat years ago. After pitching and winning two games in the 1951 World Series he suddenly couldn’t lift his left arm. The weather may have been a factor; it was cold and rainy for much of that World Series. In any event, he couldn’t lift his arm, let alone throw a baseball, and so he started the 1952 season on the shelf, which he didn’t like at all because he wanted to pitch, was what he wanted to do. And the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.
Then suddenly he remembered an orthopedic surgeon whom he had known during his tenure with the Chicago White Sox. He flew out there to see him. The doctor examined him and said “Eddie, you have tendinitis in your left shoulder!” After chewing Mr. Lopat out for not having taken care of it sooner, the doctor prescribed what was at the time a radical treatment, now no longer used—a series of ten X-rays to that shoulder. It worked, and when Lopat returned to New York he was pitching better than ever; from that point until the end of the 1954 season he ran up a 33-8 record. (He ended up with a 166-112 record, including 40-13 against his favorite patsies, the Cleveland Indians.)
So don’t wait. Go see a doctor, and find out which of those two problems you have—if you have either one of them. And get it taken care of ASAP. 8)

So could somebody please explain to me what it feels like to detatch or tear a tendon/muscle/labrum? Could you distinctly feel it happen or did you only noticde it later? Do you experience shooting pains? Do you have a full range of motion? Would greatly appreciate so help. Thanks.

If it’s torn, there will be constant pain and swelling while not having full range of motion. At least that’s how my elbow was when I tore my UCL. If it’s in your shoulder, it could be a strain or some tendonitis. I had an issue that sounds like yours when I was younger. I would begin throwing and my shoulder would feel stiff and sore, but as I tossed longer and farther, the soreness and stiffness would disappear and I was told by the Dodgers trainer it was a slight strain with some tendonitis. I rested it for 2-3 weeks and everything went back to normal.

I tore a ligament in my hand this season (partial tear). I was pitching in a scrimmage one day and pop! Next thing I know, it hurts and I tried to throw more. I couldn’t even hold on to the baseball. The next morning, I couldn’t move my hand on my own, I had to use my other hand to get it moving. It was pretty scary. I had a loss of ROM in the hand and extreme pain when trying to do the simple little things. 2 months later it still is not full healed (remember, only a partial tear) and I’ve altered the way I throw so that I do not put stress on that particular ligament. IF you think it is a ligament, seek treatment immediately. Even if you have tendonitis, it is better to seek therapy than to take chances.

You asked if I noticed it immediately? Well, the hand had been sore, but not super painful, and as I said, I felt it pop, I knew that I had messed something up pretty badly. The pain was sometime shooting, sometime aching, depending on how I moved it. You’ll know if you tore your labrum too, that is also a distinct feeling.

A good way to test it yourself is to use your other hand and grab the hand of the arm in question, then turn it slightly to the side. You won’t be able to stand the pain if you tore a ligament. Otherwise, there are a lot of free injury consultation doctors out there (but go to a sports one). They will do range of motion tests among others to see if it’s a ligament damage or what have you. More than likely it’s tendonitis, but that sucks too as it takes a while to heal and in many cases keeps coming back.

If its a torn ligament its probably something you would know … i had a teammate tear his TJ during a game this past year … we heard the pop from the dugout and he was on the floor in pain … I currently have a torn labrum and it hurts like hell to lift my arm over my head…

Tendonitis on the other hand is more of a nagging, annoying type of pain but ranges in severity … if its just tendonitis, which hopefully it is … if you can get a cortisone shot from your doctor those usually go along way with removing any inflammation where your pain is … they have worked wonders on my arm and knee … icing about 3 times a day is very helpful also as ice reduces inflammation as well … so i’d go with cortisone, ice and rest for a few weeks and you should be good to go.

So I’ve been icing my arm twice a day and resting my arm as much as possible and it feels alot better after only a week. Just wanted to say thank you to everybody who answered my question. You’ve helped me a lot, and I can’t thank you guys enough. I Appreciate it.