Can i still do it?

Hey guys, and thanks in advance for your input, Here is the situation, Im 22 year old left handed sidearm pitcher, I have not pitched consistantly for about 2 years due to surgery on my rotator cuff, and have not pitched at all in the last year. I got the go ahead from my doctor to start pitching again so me and a friend went out and threw a pitches with no pain, but a severe loss of speed (prior to injury I consistantly threw 85-87 MPH 4s fastball) I havent been clocked yet but my buddy said that it seemed to be in the mid 70’s (Not a good way to judge speed but hes an experienced catcher, its a ballpark number at least) I HAD a large arsenal of pitches, however a i cannot twist my wrist comfortably to throw anything other then a fastball. Maybe im just trying to be optimstic and say that i will be able to pitch again, or at least pitch as well as i used to, but the pain im getting when throwing seems like it will inhibit me from throwing anything othen then a fastball, im not sure if its something that i am doing wrong mechanically since im rusty or if its the injury, I can get videos of mechanics if needed, But what im really wondering, is it possible to get back to where i was when i left, would it be worth to think about going to an overhand motion? has anyone had this surgery and been able to recover fully? I love pitching, and dont know how at risk i am for another injury. please give me advice.

It’s not clear from your description but it sounds like you could just be trying to do too much too soon after getting the ok to pitch again. I would think it would be very important to work your way back slowly. Maybe start just throwing fastballs until strength and stamina return.

Also, you didn’t say what king of rehab you did but maybe some (more) of that is in order.

lunchbawks, I’d love to see video of your pitching. We’re about the same age, so I know how you feel about pitching. Great sport baseball is.

Anyways, it seems like the ol curveball will be out of the question. You’re already in the mid 70s (so-to-speak) so your arm isn’t … super-hampered. Just your wrist. I’m sure what every you did before to gain speed, that it will work again. I mean, why shouldn’t it. You may need to become a control pitcher instead of a power pitcher (which is what you probably were). That’s not a bad thing at all. Tim Wakefield gets paid millions of dollars a year to thow a 55 mph knuckler :lol: . Ya, show some videos please.

Maybe you shuld work on a splitter or sinker