Can I Make It?


My Dream is to make it to the MLB, and I believe I can do it if I continue to put the work in. I’m a baseball age 11 and just turned 12. I am considered the best pitcher on every team I have played on and have a fastball right now that sits at around 55 MPH. I also throw a 2 seam, and changeup. I know how to throw a slider and have thrown a couple of them and it’s pretty good but I’m told to stay away from throwing it. When I am fully grown, I am projected to be 5 10- 6 feet. Right now I am 4 11. I practice almost everyday and focus on the other parts of the game, but mainly pitching. I throw 60-70 innings per year and am wondering if that is too much? I also play AAU baseball, Little League, and the Summer All-Star baseball I’m in right now. Unlike most kids, I don’t just practice on the field, I do body weight exercises at home, as well as stretching and things like that. What I’m trying to get at is, do I have a shot at my dream of making it to the MLB? Where do I stand at for pitchers my age?
I would appreciate some feedback. Thank You!

Right now, I am coming off my best season where I pitched 22 Innings and had an ERA of around 2 for my AAU team. I am in the midst of the all star season of little league which could become my best season, since I have pitched 20 Innings allowing a total of 1 ER about 3/5 through the season.


There is of course a chance to make the MLB but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. It will take complete dedication! Just because players are dominant when they are young doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay dominant when they get older.

For you the average velocity for an 11yo is around 52mph, and good goal is 55-59mph which you are in. But the average for 12yo is 55, and a goal should be 60-61mph (this is what you should aim for).

If you are really dedicated in improving, you should consider starting a log on this site and we can all follow along on your progress and its a good way for you to stay motivated.

P.S. I would start to lift weights, yes even at your age… I believe that is a popular misconception that young players should not be lifting weights, message me if you have any more questions or need the scientific proof for this claim.

Good luck!


Ok thank you. To confirm, I am completely dedicated. I will post on a log in the future. Also what kind of dumbbell exercises should I do?


Also, I know this is something kind of weird to talk about, but I have a mild heart murmur/valve leak, and yes, it is MILD. They are just monitoring this once a year and said the only real exercise not to do is heavy bench press. Will this effect me in my training. Can I still possibly make it to the MLB?



I use 4.5 to 5 mph per year of age…for what speed youth pitchers should be throwing. I dont want all you over 20 to think you’re Aroldis Chapman, so there is obviously an age where this breaks down considerably for everyone.