Can I get Ryan Dempster and his glove waggle?

Does anybod have any video of Ryan Dempster?
And does anybody know what the point of the waggle is?

The point of the waggle was to hide his pitches because before he did that hitter would see his glove bulge when he gripped his splitter

Oh thanks

I dunno if this was intended, but it also adds a pro to Dempster that the hitter could become distracted by the glove waggle.

He was showing Mr. Splitty…so the wiggle commenced.
He won’t get the Cy or the MVP but this guy has been the reason the Cubs are where they are right now…How huge was it to beat Sabbathia at Wrigley? Wow here’s a message for the Brew crew…“Better Luck another time”…CC and Sheets are adios next year so expect the Crew to hit the cellar and bottom dwell for a bit. Some smart team will pick up Braun…he’s a legit MVP in the next couple of years…whatta talent that kid has.