Can I get an amen For Bisonbaseball88!

Bisonbaseball88, wrote this post as a response on the College Forum, I found it simple and straight forward and possibly the best representation as to how a pitcher at that level HAS to think in order to “make” the team and I thought I’d share.
I was not physically prepared at the time when cuts were made to be on the team (Honest assessment to what issues are obstructing the goal), but since then i have been working out harder than i have before in my life (Understading and implementing the cure). I also had unrealistic expectations about the talent level and took my recruitment for granted (More honest assessment). But yeah, i definitely think i can overcome what got me cut (Positive attitude, with an eye on the future and not stuck in the past) because since then both the head coach and pitching coach, as well as several of the players have said not only do they think that i can come back and make the team next year but that i can do something special on the program (Validation of the program adjustment). Might be nice talk, but i don’t believe the coaches to be those kinds of guys nor the players.

IMO Bison’ll be kickin posterior for his team next season!!
What do you folks think?


Doesn’t surprise me. I’d expect nothing less from a student at Bucknell. One of the top Universities in the Commonwealth of PA. One of my best friend’s kid is on the Track and Field Team. He’s top of the line in academics and make-up.

Amen 8)