Can I do it?

Well, HS ball just got over and i played a total of 4 innings. My coach told me that I need to throw harder to get a spot next year. I’m a 16 year old junior. I am 5’ 10" and am about 140 lbs. Right now I’m throwing low 70’s topping out at about 76. With the right program could I make it next year, throwing low 80’s? My growth spurt is supposed to start soon (my brother shot up from 5’11" to 6’6" in about a year) so that could help as well. In my program I plan to emphasize flexibility (cant even touch my toes right now), explosive power and improved mechanics.

Can i do it?

5 11 to 6 6? i doubt it. and you should tell your coach to stop looking at his radar gun and start looking a bite more at the game. if you can get people out who cares if you just lob it at 43mph.

Keep working at it and don’t worry about things you have no control over (like growth spurts). Even if you don’t make it next year, that doesn’t automatically mean the end of your baseball career. Late bloomers get late chances if they’re good enough. Keep working.

It’s about natural growth. Roger Clemens was throwing only about 81~83mph range out of high school and hit 90mph (the magic number) in his junior year of college. Or what about Mark Wohlers? He’s a former Braves closer who has hit 100+mph multiple times. He was hitting around 81mph with his fastball when he graduated high school.

The growth is different with some person. Most of highly-regarded HS pitchers are early-developers. Just repeat the good mechanics, and growing up is the best thing to do for velocity

lol that’d be a sight to see some kid throwing in the 40s with like a 10 foot lob

thanks to all. I agree that coach needs to not look at the gun so much. We had a guy who pitched 4 games with a 0.00 era. Coach said he too will be cut next year if he doesnt throw harder (he throws mid 70’s right now).

My brother really did grow like 6 inches in one year–he was just under 6’ in 9th grade and was 6’5" or 6’6" the next year.

it takes time and development
we stop growin when we are around 21-25 some people are different

im 18 and im still growin im currently at 6’3

i graduated hs last yr. I toped out at like 83 Not that hard right.

Well a couple of months i threw and worked out a lil and now look im at 88-90
Am i done? no my goals to be at 92- 94 constant

so i workout and keep throwing. Back in babes time they never used weights but they threw constant and thats how they got their strength up.