Can homeschoolers play past little league?


My friend is homeschooled so I doubt he can play high school…can he play past little league in legion with me? I don’t play legion yet I want to try out with him, if he can’t play legion what else could he do?


We have home schooled kids playing on the High School teams. I’m not sure how rare it is, but I’ve heard some parents speak of difficulty coming to arrangements with schools. Some allow it and some don’t. Check with the schools in your area. You may need to check with several. For schools that allow it, there is some sort of documentation required for the school and some waivers to sign for insurance purposes so they are protected against various liabilities. I really don’t like AAU because I think it’s a scam, but that’s an option. There are also club teams for towns that have players of all age groups and they sign up to play in area or regional tournaments all summer.


I believe there are home school baseball leagues for high school age kids, but not entirely sure. Certainly summer league baseball is an option.


My son played on his high school basketball team with a couple of kids that were homeschooled. As long as the home schooling documentation is in order it my in fact be illegal for the school he is zoned for to deny him a tryout. Doesn’t mean he would make it of course.
He or his parent need to contact the school for which he is zoned or the athletic body that oversees that school district and get their policy on it. I would probably speak to the athletic commission for the school district.


Its going to vary from state to state whether home schooled kids can play HS sports. Our state does not allow but “Tim Tebow” legislation has been introduced a couple of times, hoping it passes soon. Kids deserve a chance to play not to mention parents are paying property taxes like everyone else.


Thank you all for your answers! I have tried out for the high school team and made the team but did not like it. that’s why I was asking about if he could play legion because I assume that’s the next best thing and we wanted to play together, that’s also why he doesn’t want to play in a home school league because then I couldn’t play…lol