Can good nutrition increase velocity?


I know having a good balanced diet with a lot of fruit and protein will give you a lot of energy on the mound. Can it increase your velocity?


Depends how you define good nutrition and what your goals are?
Are you trying to gain weight? Are you trying to improve over all conditioning ect?


Good nutrition to me is eating right and healthy like fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins, and eating very few junk food and sweets.


Good nutrition can help recovery, it can help get the full benefit of working out.
If someone was massively out of shape and eating nothing but Cheetos and Pepsi and switched to a healthy diet they may see an improvement in performance.
Gaining healthy weight (a high lean muscle mass) can certainly help with velocity if a guy is under weight and weak and nutrition is a big component of that.
But, if a guy throws 78 will he go to 85 because he switched to a clean diet? Probably not with that alone. But, recovering better, sleeping better, feeling better…these things are all great benefits of eating healthy.


Have you been in my pantry?


I hear ya Coach Paul.
It is easy to fall into that. I have been subbing breakfast and some dinners with fresh made veggie drink lately. So far so good.


Bloody Mary? Hee Hee


Well…that would certainly help with “recovery”, but, no.
Kale, a beet, an apple, celery, turmeric, mix it up, down it goes.
Its better than it sounds…


I think I could use your veggie drink to help me recover from my veggie drink. :pensive: (headache emoticon)

Really it sounds like a good mix. Kale is extremely good and I have always liked beets.

If one moves to a lower carb (by that I mean simple carbs like sugar and other refined carbs) the energy increase can really be surprising. It is much easier to get a solid workout in and as a result more muscle can be built which usually means higher velocity.

Good luck,



Yeah, true.
I am still kind of figuring that stuff out. Trying to lose some weight and increase my lifts…so, sort of interesting trying to go lift without a lot a calories coming in, but, a lot of food/green drink. Different approach.


Good luck @fearsomefour .Last year I lost 30 pounds just cutting out carbonated beverages and substituting them with water and jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. Even at a slow pace, it was a reduction and burn of over 500 calories a day just doing that. It adds up over time.


You might look at builtlean. They have a ton of free articles on exercise and nutrition. One of the concepts they discuss is the difficulty of losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.