Can everyone develop 90mph fastball?

Hey i was wondering if in prime condition can most people throw a 90 mph fastball after undergoing every method of training?

Skies the limit. Your body is controled by the mind. If you say you can do it. then you can do it.

No, only a few people will ever throw a 90 mph fastball.

On the other hand, nobody who gives up too soon will ever throw a 90 mph fastball.

Would you rather take a shot at being one of the few or just give up?

i really dont think so. not everyone has the genes for it.


not everyone is a freakazoid in terms of their training and lack of catastrophic failure of their arm, which are two things that you need to throw that hard… in my opinion!

No, not everyone can throw 90, no matter how good your mechanics are or how conditioned. I think almost everone can eventually throw 75-80, but most people don’t realise how hard 90 is until you stand in there and watch one. Genetics will only take you so far, but the thing is if you are at the age where 90 starts to get feasible for some (17-19 years old), then you probably know whether you have said Genes or not already, and as such know if your wasting your time trying to get faster.

Thats not to say that Genetics in anyway limit your pitching ability. I don’t believe Genetics have any role on control, or whether you can develop a nasty curve or changeup.

I bet only about the 95% of all people have the 90mph ceiling built in, and the percentage for a Nolan Ryan caliber fastball is probably around 99.9%, with a tremendously small percentage of those actually fullfilling said ability.

[quote=“CADad”]No, only a few people will ever throw a 90 mph fastball.

On the other hand, nobody who gives up too soon will ever throw a 90 mph fastball.

Would you rather take a shot at being one of the few or just give up?[/quote]

This is the mindset I choose to take.
And besides that there’s plenty of guys that were extremely successful in college without touching 90, although the number dwindles in pro ball.

If you love the game, it’s worth a shot. I was reading some various quotes today, and it one was about you only have one life to live, how do you want to be remembered?

Go for it!

Thats the thing though i think it is possible for everyone to develop a 90 mph fastball but the human will can only last so long that before they get there they give up and there are always many methods of training to get one there. Bio mechanically speaking nothing that goes into a fastball arm speed, strength body strength cannot be trained to the optimum state.

Here you want some encouragment…Never say no. Nothing is impossible. Its all in your head.

thats all i have to say. Prove everyone wrong

There was a kid who graduated high school topping out at 78
his junior yr in college he was throwin 94(in one of my pitching books)

So work hard and do whatever you can to reach your goals.

I realise alot of this is genetics, but say, my dad threw around 84 when he played, but he had alot of trouble with his shoulder which for the most part I have avoided. He had to take three years off when he has 14 because of his shoulder. I’m wondering if it was in the cards for me to be able to hit 90 mph if I used the training avalable to me now that my dad didnt have, and my dad said he never had good enough mechanics and overworked his arm. Like my dad used to play with reggie cleveland in bantam and stuff and said that if I worked at it like he did, my chances of getting there would improve


Michael Jordan didn’t make his varcity team his Jr year but he was determined the next year and made it and proved to everyone that he was the best player in the state and they won the state champain ship.

Roger Clemens only threw 86mph out of high school but keep working at it.

Gilbert Arenus- no one thought he would do any good at all but with hard work anything is possible.

I used players story’s I know the next one could be you.
Even though michael jordan and Gilbert player basketball anything is possible if you put your mind !00% to it.