Can everybody do me a solid?!?!

Can everybody go through that link and vote me to my leagues All-Star game? My league kind of screwed my team over and didn’t put a lot of us on the ballot so under 2nd Baseman for the Huntington Division select “Other” and enter “Matthew Berish (PIR)”. You can vote a maximum of 4 times per device (so if you have a iPhone and computer that’s 8 votes) I could really use your help guys as I’ve put in a solid half season for a lower level team (.364 BA 5 RBI 10 SB and 1.000 Field Percentage). Voting ends July 15th, please spread the word and vote!

Looked at the break down for that document and it doesn’t break down the “Other” option, so does that mean that the write in candidates actually don’t stand a chance in getting named to the team?

Not to mention there’s an overwhelming number of votes for some of the “Other” by position.

It just doesn’t seem to be a solid system.

It’s a crappy system that plays favorites but whatever. Also notice how I wasn’t placed on the ballot but the Royals (ROY) had two candidates for second baseman. Very flawed system