Can benching mess up your rotator cuff

yes i wonering if syou should bench if you itch i heard it can mess up your roataor cuff anyone know if thats true

true and false

alot of people dont bench press properly

bench is for your cheast

but when most people go heavy they dont realize it but there engaging there sholders to help to much and the exercise isnt ment for it

proper bench pressing iis good

but i dont suggest doing it in your high school gyms cuz coachs and players push you do go more that your body cants handel and at this point the sholders come into play and so much for your cuff

its complety fine to bench heavy properly under the guidence of someone whos knows what there doing

plus in pitching i dont think anyone really wants to have a huge cheast cuz it sure isnt gonna help you thorw much faster