Can being tired be helpful?

I had a much longer post before but I thought no one would read it and the top basically said, smallest strike zone for me ever. There basicallywasn’t an outside 2/3’s of the time and the top of the zone was barely over the kid belt. But of course they had a bigger zone to pitch to. (not trying tosound like a jerkor stupid or anything. But they did.)

Anyway we had a doubleheader the game before so I was a bit tired. I felt like every once in a while I threw a really hard pitch but it was mostly decent speeds like I have been hitting lately. My slider broke a lot more than normal and I think that really helped me a lot. I even tried mixing in a couple change-ups that seemed to have some nice break when they normally don’t do too much so I never really use it.

A while ago I remember my dad said being tired could help the break on your pitches but you probably wont throw as hard and wont last as long. Just wondering your thoughts on this and I felt like I was tired from the beginning but I could throw just as hard (maybe a little harder) with more break and some good control and I usually have good durability and I felt justas good as ever.

These are my numbers for the game:

7IP, 6BB :frowning: , 4 or 5 hits (I forgot), 2 earned runs, 16K, 115 pitches(not counting foul tips. Not too many of those anyway)

When you get tired, your pitches move slower and that would make pitches break more, if they just move slower. Also being tired will make you risk throwing pitches wild high and that’ll frequently result in lotsa walks and also pitches that get crushed. There is a difference though between being a bit tired and completely outta juice. If you feel absolutely exhausted on the mound, put up your throwing arm. If it is shaking a lot, your out of gas. You’re fastball will be slow and your mechanics will be sloppy.

ever consider being tired could make ur arm angle drop?
side arm (as far as i know ) has more movement on the slider for example:)

Slower speeds usually gives more movement.

It takes strength and effort to perform your mechanics well. Being tired means you’re more likely to let your mechanics deteriorate and that increases your chances for injury.

Also, smart coaches don’t just watch pitch counts. They also watch a pitcher’s mechanics. When they detect the mechanics deteriorating, they yank the pitcher.

Well when I’m tired I found I can locate better because I don’t have the mindset of having to throw hard. Instead, I perform more efficiently and focus on arm slot, release, etc.

when im tired my forkball doesnt move as much i have to throw it around 75 mph for it to be the most effective i can get a lot of satrike outs with it though