Can being explosive lead to injury?

I was recently in my room doing dry mechanics practice, and I began to try to get more momentum, and explosively rotate my torso upon landing. I did this a few times, and it felt fine, so i did it a few more times. All of a sudden i feel this strange pain right under my throwing arm shoulder blade during the aggressive motion. It happens right at or after I come to the “loaded position” in my motion, and it lingers for a few seconds after I complete the dry throw. This area is slightly tender afterwards when massaged, but it causes me no pain during the day except when I try to go through this explosive pitching motion. I rested it for a few days, tried the motion again, and this pain continues to bother me. I’m worried, because a major flaw in my mechanics is that I am not explosive enough, and yet I have no figured out a way to become more explosive without hurting myself. I’m no expert, but based on this diagram:

I would say my pain is one of these muscles: Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Teres Major or Rhomboidus (not in diagram). I’m kind of desperate right now, because I don’t want there to be any more setbacks in my training. Is it possible I simply over-exerted myself one-time, or do you think there is a fundamental flaw in my motion when I think “explosive.” Note: when I simply play catch or even throw 80%-90% fastballs, this pain is non-existent, but when I consciously try to rotate my torso and get maximum hip shoulder separation, the pain is extremely noticeable. I have never had any problems like this before, what do people on this forum think I should do to recover?

Assuming by “dry mechnics practice” you weren’t holding a baseball, you may have just strained a decellerator muscle (one of those you named). Without the weight of a baseball, you were able to accelerate your arm faster than normal.

I would suggest backing off on throwing to let it get better and then work on strengthening the decellerators.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a doctor.

I agree with Roger, however I am not a doctor as well.

I will say, if you are going to become more explosive and use more momentum, your going to need to prep your body for it. Building up strength in your decellerators (spelling?) as well as other areas like your core, legs, cuff work, body conditioning all should help absorb the violence of a more explosive delivery. Just a thought.

what you are describing are classic signs of mild tendonitis. when you repeat a motio excessively at high levels of effort (explosively), you can over do it. you body may be telling you it’s too much.

the only way to help tendonitis is rest to allow the inflammation to go away, and anti-inflammatory stuff like alleve 2 times per day. if you don’t rest it, you could do serious damage and be hurt going into your season.

if it continues to hurt when you throw at all, go to the dr. a sports meicine specialist. you are messing around with your meal ticket if you plan on playing past high school (or are already).

NEVER THROW WITH PAIN! back off and get it checked.

listen to your arm.

take some omega 3 supplements for the rest of your life

lol, I have taken it before for short periods of time, are there any studies that show it’s beneficial in some way? How would this help me become a better pitcher? (I’m not doubting you, I’m just curious).

Thanks everybody for the amazing feedback. I’ve stopped throwing for a week, and then I will gradually begin to throw again the following week, stopping if I feel any pain. I’ve been focusing intensely on conditioning these past few days, as I can’t throw.