Can anyone interpret this MRI?

1.a left femoral acetabular join small effusion is seen.
2. Mild increased signal is seen within the superior and inferomedial aspects of the acetabular cartilaginous labrum. A subtle tear in not excluded on this noncontrast exam please corrolate clinically.

degenerative disc disease of L1-2 with minimal disc bulging at L1-2 without significant canal or neural formanial narrowing

Effusion is swelling/fluid and it says that you have in in the left hip joint.

Report has signs of a “possible” tear in the ring that holds the hip joint together.

As for the lumbar/low back, you have 5 vertebra that make up the lumbar spine. they are number L1-L5 with L1 being upper most and L5 being the lowest.

Report says that the disc (cartilage shock absorber) between L1-L2 is degenerating which would mean it is worn out some and compressed and it is bulging a little. Think of the disc as a car tire and there is a weak spot that has a bubble bulging out the side a little bit.

In your case this bubble is not compressing any areas that nerves run through.

I would be much more concerned with the hip report than the low back here.