Can anyone help me review my pitching form?

I am a 17 y/o male from Singapore. This is my first year in baseball (around 8 months now). I feel that my throwing elbow is not as bent as videos of pros from youtube (eg. Tim Lincecum, Clayton Kershaw, etc.) I live in Singapore, so there aren’t many baseball coaches, so i want to know if i can improve on my form. To anyone who’s helping out, thanks :smiley:
Video link:

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You look athletic enough. It is not really possible to see much from a player pretending to throw. You won’t have much external rotation without a ball. Get some video while you are throwing.

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okay thanks ill do that maybe ill upload it this wednesday or thursday. thanks for the info :slight_smile: @Ted22

Control your glove arm, separate at your top, be aggressive through your release and not too it.

Ok I’ll try to do that! Thanks! I’ll upload another one with the glove and a ball! Maybe you can take a look again!

Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you here.

Agree with some of the previous advice. The big thing that sticks out is your glove arm. It extends fully and then sweeps in that position to the side. I’d like to see that tightened up a bit.

You need to separate your hands a little sooner. I would also limit the height of you glove arm as well. You should try to stay close the the inverted “W” with you arms.

thanks for your info. ill see if i feel comfortable with the inverted “W” tho i heard it causes injuries

Your throwing arm is very late at foot plant. Compare your arm to that of Greg Maddux. A late arm has been correlated to arm injuries.

I see. Thanks for attaching the image. Gives me an idea of what I should do.

Thanks! Feel so welcomed here with everyone giving their advices! Thanks for the advice, how would you recommend tightening my glove arm by the way

What Greg Maddux could do very well was keep his centerline with his head quiet and still. All the good ones can…focus on the simple things and become very good and boring at doing the simple things. Keep your head quiet and soft…this will help you feel when everything else gets out of whack.