Can anyone confirm a White Sox tryout 7/11 in Charlotte NC?

I have been told there will be an open tryout in Charlotte NC on this date but I my newspaper has not printed this year…I can’t find anything on the White Sox website about it

Taylor, did you ever find out if there was a tryout, or possibly go to any other tryouts? If so, how’d you do?

there was a tryout but I didn’t go

I went to the same tryout the year before though and I did well. I beat the guy i was running with in the 60 :slight_smile:

I fielded all my ground balls cleanly, threw a couple throws short (shortly after the tryout I found out I had a shoulder impingement…my arm wasn’t in good shape…but it probably wouldn’t have changed. The heat exhausted my legs cause I was just standing in light for like an hour waiting on people to take their 6 or 7 groundballs)

I hit the ball hard but I didn’t hit any HR’s. Every single ball I hit was a linedrive and one popup about 300ft to center. The scout told me I needed ot use my legs more in my swing