Can anyone analyze my mechanics?

These are just some warm up pitches.

Man, it’s real tough to see much…looks like you rocked somebodys world there at the end (When the cam feel over :wink: ). Just tossing some warm-ups, it looks like you use your lower half efficiently. I’d like to see a clear vid at full speed for anything else really. Also how old are you? Filling us in with more information can help a bunch.

18 years old, 6’1", not in good shape by athletic standards but my arm is well conditioned.

I have some very clear and close up shots (stills) in multiple points of my motion, would they help?

For some that works…I’ve never been able to tell much by it. Are you a rising Senior or just graduating? Where do you want to take this?

Just graduated. I want to try out for the community college next season. I never played varsity baseball for my high school. I never tried out for a quite a few reasons. I have always pitched to my brother though and played on competitive summer teams. Last year I played on an adult league team for 18-29 year olds, metal bats, when I was 17. I did well, and so far this year in 2 starts I’ve thrown 13 innings with 15 Ks and only 3 walks. I throw a 4 seam, 2 seam, curve, and change. I don’t think making the CC team will be a problem as I know people on it now and 1) they are sure I’ll make it and 2) I am better than them. I’d love to transfer to a 4 year school after CC (if I make it/play).

You go for it man!!!
Whats behind you is done…no matter now. If you can rustle up some coinage it may pay off to get a couple of sessions in with a pitching coach…maybe even go to that CC and see if they have a camp, not only to get to know the coaches but start to get yourself in tuned with the expectations (Conditioning, academics…everything)…A guy with a dream is hard to beat and my advise to you is to not let anyone or anything turn you from where you want to go…life is too short. I’d recommend a couple of our Logs in the Log Forum, as they may prove helpful and interesting to you in your quest…the First one is Centerfields…he’s among the very best conditioners on the site (And he learned about accepting nothing less than his dream…it’s why in his quotes he has a “Why Not”) and the log of CaDad, it is just a tremendous look at return from injury and approach (I know you’re not returning from injury…it’s how he and his son have approached development that I think will assist you greatly).
You just know that we here are…well here, and anything we can do as far as suggestions or information…It’s freely given with a good spirit!! :smiley: