Can anybody review my mechanics?


By this I mean tell me how I can improve, preferably any drills or something of that nature.


Sorry there is no side view, I was unable to get one. I do see I open early with the front foot, have no hip-shoulder seperation, and cock my arm early causing the inverted W. It’s preferable that other flaws are pointed out. With these mechanics I throw low 70s, and am going off natural strength. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!


Well done, looks good to me!


it looks like you already have a firm grasp on what you need to work on. I would also say that you could firm up your landing leg, there’s quite a bit of bend land and follow through. I also think you could keep your lift leg a little more relaxed and controlled. That’s a few things to add to your list. keep studying and working on it. then post another.


Thanks! Do you know how I can get into these positions/fix the flaws? Ans then get them down into muscle memory?


Just a quick question, with these mechanics, where should I be throwing? I’m only going off natural strength, and throw low 70s… Is that decent or bad?


Everything looks good but your front shoulder is swinging open way to early and is making you fall to the 1b side of the mound. Try keeping your glove hand in front of your body more so you have a more delayed shoulder rotation


I disagree. You don’t have optimal, but you have some hip to shoulder separation. You say you have early arm cock, but you actually late arm cock. At FFS your arm is only semi cocked which is good. You do have the inverted w but it is very slight so not too huge if a problem. The only problem is that you have almost no forward trunk tilt and you seem to be pushing the ball. Keep working!


Thanks, I saw I had some hip shoulder seperation but not good. Do you have any tips to get trunk tilt/proper motion to not push the ball?


The more forward trunk tilt you have is normally off how hard you drive off your back leg in a linear direction. The back leg drive will also help hip to shoulder seperation, creating more torque, wiping your arm faster and releasing the ball, behind your head so you aren’t pushing the ball. You normally push the ball when there isn’t enough force on your arm so you end up using your arm to throw. You can force trunk tilt just by pushing your trunk, but it’s not as dynamic as it being a reaction go back leg drive.