Can any one help with my curveball?

Othrothopedic surgeons say 16 1/2 for the Slider. The Slider is NOT a better pitch than a curveball. It is a different pitch from a curveball.

To throw a curve ball-you must first make sure you are getting the proper spin on the ball. If you are throwing over the top it should be spinning from 12 to 6 ( have over spin). Point your thumb at your ear and make a “C” with your index and third finger. The palm of your hand should be facing your ear. Now extend your arm in front of you. Keep you wrist flexible and neutral -not hooked. When you accelerate the baseball will tumble out of this little pocket (the “C”) you have made. It should leave over the first joint of your index finger- not the tip. One you have done this and have overspin on the ball-think a little about arm motion. Think about a low/flat arch (in your motion) rather than powering straight though with a fastball or a slider. Hope this helps,Ian.

I would never say one pitch is better than the other because everyone throws them differently. Would you say Barry Zito’s Curve (In his prime), is worse than Brad Lidges Slider? What if Zito threw a slider and Lidge a curve? You dont know. Every pitcher is different and every pitcher has a different arsenal that works for him. I prefer to throw a slider, but dont think that its particularly better than a curveball. They do different things and have different effects on the batter. Ive tried throwing a curveball and it just doesnt work for me, so I am trying to master the slider. There is no right or wrong to what pitches you need to throw, but of course, keep that fastball :wink:

Dusty is right when it comes to the “turn the door knob” idea on the slider. I have 3 friends in the minor leagues that USED to throw sliders. All 3 of them have had elbow surgery and not one of them is over the age of 23. I am a freshman in college and I throw both a curveball and a slider. I am a 3/4 arm slot guy so my curveball isnt of the 12-6 variety but it is also very tough to pick up. I keep my arm slot and arm speed the same. I grip it with my middle finger and pointer finger together and lead with my elbow. As your arm comes in front of your body you pull it down with your middle and pointer fingers over top of the ball. Make sure your elbow is at the same level as your shoulder. If your elbow isn’t it will cause your fingers to go to the side of the ball causing minimal movement and a very sore elbow. You said your coach says you throw it too hard. I try to throw my curveball harder than my fastball. This results in a very hard and large break. I am a 6’3 200lb sinker baller that throws from 87-90. If you are going to throw a slider throw it with the horse-shoe of the ball. Make sure to keep your arm and a shoulder level and DO NOT TURN THE DOOR KNOB. Instead think of snapping your middle and pointer finger through the ball to your thumb. Also, If you are facing an upper-level hitter they will be able to pick up the spin on the ball. In high school I was considered one of the best hitters in my conference but I could not hit a curveball to save my life. A slider on the other hand, I would piss on it into either the right center gap or right down the left field line, depending on where it was thrown. Neither is better than the other, it depends on which the pitcher is more comfortable throwing.

simple fix
try the knucke curve grip
you probaly can controll it in less than half a week
worked for me when i started throwing mine too hard

[quote=“kelvinp”]simple fix
try the knucke curve grip
you probaly can controll it in less than half a week
worked for me when i started throwing mine too hard[/quote]


Very good advice. The knuckle curve eliminates the complex mechanics of a 12/6, becuase you throw it like a FB.

My 16 year old son has been throwing this for years and the late break on his curve is better than other over the top CB’s I’ve caught in my years of coaching.

One caveat: You need decent sized hands to control this pitch though.

There are several different knuckleball grips you can use to throw a knuckle-curve—you can pick one that is comfortable for you, or you can use two or three. And you can throw it like a fastball, or even (as I did, because I didn’t have a fast ball) like a curve; which grip you use will affect the break of the pitch. At its most lethal it will drop like a glass crashing to the floor, and the batter will be very lucky to get even a piece of the pitch. I remember how Mike Mussina threw his; you could almost hear the glass shatter into little pieces! :slight_smile:

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Just a few comments. I see too many kids that focus on the location of the curveball before they get consistent and repeatable spin. The spin is going to be what causes the break in the pitch. I like to keep a flat left wrist (lefty) with supination to produce what’s close to topspin. Once the spin is consistent you with get depth. Then you can focus on location. Curveballs that don’t curve, aren’t curveballs.

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…They’re souvenirs![/quote]

That’s right Roger! I swear, they never reach the catcher’s glove!


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The slider is an elbow eater. If you come across anyone telling a 14 year old to throw a slider RUN. I would say if you are 14 you don’t need to throw a curve ball. You said you have 2 different fastballs and a great circle change, stay with that until you get older. If you are determined to throw a curve there are a few things you must do. 1st the curveball is thrown with the middle finger and thumb, not the index finger. It is like snapping your fingers. 2nd you must take the ball out of your glove like a fastball, most people want to hook the ball out of the glove (wrist should be flat) and when you do that you cast it. Get your curveball grip, then think fastball, fastball, fastball then pull. Every pitch should be thrown out of the same arm slot with the same arm action, to kill the speed of a curve ball it is done by killing the lower half, unlike a change that the grip kills the speed.