Can all pitches be thrown at 45ft?

i just wabted to know if all pitches can be thrown at 45ft

They can but some will not have the movement because of speed and they do not have time to move until about 50 feet

like wich ones

Well, almost anything that breaks. This is probably more prominent with late breaking curveballs and sliders. If your changeup breaks, you’ll probably won’t notice it at 45 ft as opposed to 60 ft.

same with knuckle

splitter too.

loopy curves can be thrown but will usually be hangers. thats why oyung kids cant be teached how to throw sliders cutters splitters and other junk pitches like that, that and the fact they would probably end up with a dead arm at age 15.

have to disagree.

i throw bp from 40 to 45 ft and have no problem throwing all my breaking pitches. it is great for game speed bp for hitters from an over the hill pitcher.

another thing we do is move up to 30 ft and get a walking start or crow hop throwing the ball as hard as i can. we call this habanero bp. if you can get the bat head to the hitting zone in this drill you’ll have no problem facing someone throwing gas.

but not only does the ball need time to react you need to put enough speed on it or extra spin like my gyro

i’ll just go throw myself under a truck

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