Can a glove be too broken in?

2 yrs ago my 12 yr old decided to break in his brand new Nike glove by soaking it over night and then microwaving it for 2 minutes, He then let it dry in the shade for about 2 weeks and had what we thought was a perfectly conditioned glove. Now he’s 14 and the glove flops around like a dead fish, a soft dead fish, but dead just the same. We say it’s time for a new glove and he insists it’s still good. He is dropping a lot of balls and it seems when he closes the glove it folds into the palm. Does a glove need a certain amount of stiffness? He’s a utility player (mostly 3rd and short) and plays both infield and center or left, so he needs a good all purpose glove until his hand stops growing and I hope that’s soon! He’s heading for a Josh Beckett hand!

Yes, a glove can be too soft.

If you son played 1B or OF (or was 10 or under), I wouldn’t be that worried. But in general middle IF’s like harder (and smaller) gloves so that they can quickly get the ball out of their gloves.

I have read in several places that Ozzie Smith liked his glove to be quite hard; he just wanted it to slow down the ball, not bury it, so he could get it out quickly.

A glove can be broken in but also broken. I like mine to be quite tough on the outside and on the thumb and small finger, but soft in the palm.

I think putting it in the microwave would do it more damage than good.

Seems weird that he soaked it in water and then microwaved it???
I know I had my glove perfectly broken in and it got carelessly soaked by a hose weilding mother and it was basically ruined. Never the same…
The only glove-heating method I’ve seen was that hot glove treatment.
it’s a foam you cover the outside of the glove with and stick in the oven…