Can a 90mph fastball get you drafted?

figuring that you have a change up and a breaking pitch. That is my goal and i believe it is possible. Thats if i roll my dice right. i got a lot more growing to do, my mechanics need lots of work(just found out i have been throwing all with my arm for the past three years) and my strengh and conditioning program is now perfect(i have also been lifting wrong thus hindering my results. Everyones thoughts please how much hard sweat and work does it accually take to make it?

It depends… Can you spot that 90 mph fast ball anywhere in the zone? How are your secondary pitches: Good change, Curve? Possibly a filthy slider?

If you can compete with the best, and show poise on the mound, you can make it!

Reaching 90 is great, but there are plenty of people throwing 90 plus now… Think along the lines of uniqueness, or showing something that you may posess that others may lack. I’m sure there are people throwing 95 plus, but don’t have the mentality to pitch in the big leagues.

I don’t know, I guess it depends on the circumstances, and whether or not the scout/managers thinks you have potential. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck! I, too, hope to pitch 90 plus someday!

thanks for your response, i believe you are right you have got to be unique and have a good work ethic. right now its all school and baseball, i have made lot s of sacrifices and plan to make more it is just matter of how bad you want it.

out of curiosity what do you mean when you say youve been lifting wrong?

When lifting wrong i mean bodybuilding style for a long time I just wanted to be big and didnt worry about if it transfered to baseball.

90 mph fastball thrown sidearm if thats what you do will help you to get drafted easily but a 90 mph fastball thrown 3/4 will just be a notice.

yup thats what i do Im topping out at 81mph now so i got quite a bit to go

talking real sidearm not low 3/4

Im talking about truely side-arm

add something off-speed to a great fastball sidearm and you can get a shot. take a look at sidearmers who’ve had a good career in the majors maybe you’ll learn something. From that angle though, mostly every coaches will ask you to throw a slider just because it’s the best angle to get movement but there’s a lot of pitches that can work better sidearm. not talking change up and sinker here.

My slider as a nice little sharp break to it with good velocity

Just because you can throw 90+ doesn’t mean you can pitch. Jason Neighborgall from GA Tech can hit triple digits but he can’t locate anything and thus he has been stuck in low and high A I believe. Its all about location, I got a few friends in the minors and they keep telling me the same thing. That most everyone there throws 90+, but what matters is getting people out. It doesn’t matter if you throw 80 or 180 if you can get batters out, someone will give you a chance to play.

I had a scout from the Phillies tell me last season, that if the kid wasn’t 6’4" plus with a 90+mph fastball and a wicked breaking pitch, don’t call him. (for a right hander, lefties and get away with a little less size and speed)

There are of course some scouts out there that believe this, but there are others who look at the history books, see all of the relatively shorter guys who have been EXTREMELY successful, and keep an open mind about the whole height thing.

Each scout looks at each talent differently. Some like this some like that and others have no opinion. If you are a lanky lefty throwing 90 and getting outs you attract more than the lanky righty getting everyone out with mid 80. Can you hit the ball over the fence; can you beat everyone in your area with foot speed? If you continue to improve each year and your defence does the same and you do the little things better AND remember someone is always watching you every move, you could hit the jackpot. Good luck.