Camcorder/Video Analysis Equipment?

What are you guys using for video analyzing your pitchers? I had an old digital camcorder that I could play back frame by frame, 22 frames per second thru the camcorders playback feature. But looking at new camcorders, they lack that software feature. So I guess I have to download the camcorder to a laptop now to get frame by frame control? What are you guys doing??? THX, Jeff[size=12][/size]

I have a Sony that records on the mini-DVDs that can then be played on any DVD player or PC. We can video a kid and send him home with a DVD to watch with his Dad or save to review in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks 3rd,

Do you use any special software for reviewing on your PC? Do I have to upgrade toa better DVD player to get frame by frame control? Mine is the 89.00 variety and has no frame by frame control… Jeff


Sorry, I don’t use any special equipment on the PC or the DVD to view our kids in frame by frame or stop action. One thing to watch for is the media you use. Some media just won’t play on every PC or DVD player. Once you have media that works how you format it when you save it is the other thing you need to read about and understand. Digital Video has come down in price enough that it can be done often and without a lot of fuss.

I had used a traditional camcorder for a few years.

I had a VCR that could flip frame to frame and that worked great
However, after years of use it “died” and I’m in the market for a new one

I’m currently looking at some of the smaller cheap ones (100-150) that go straight on an SD card so it’s easy to put straight in the computer (since that’s the only way)