Calm before the storm!

Is video is helpful to people who throw all arm as far as the “dangle” part of it.

What Rivera does is NOT the same as what Lincecum does. Rivera’s hand continues its motion, as opposed to how Lincecum drops it down, actually behind his right leg, and lets it hang, pause, or dangle, there for a bit as he strides. It’s a very static thing, while Rivera keeps it moving.

Your right. Let me rephrase what I said. Its good as in keeping your arm loose and not muscle up and throw all arm.

I love to watch Mariano Rivera pitch. The phrase “calm before the storm” describes what he does with uncanny accuracy. You watch him as he winds up and releases the ball, and it could almost put you to sleep—but the pitch suddenly explodes on the batter. And it’s not just that cut fastball he throws.