Calling Card

A personality that is positive and upbeat, can open so many doors and avail so many opportunities. On the other hand, just the opposite can close so many doors and dash so many opportunities.

I had the displeasure of knowing a young man who was an assistant coach, who had responsibilities other than pitching with a club I was with. He had a course personality and always seemed to be getting up by getting down on someone else. His demeanor was such that he had – like clockwork, a smart remark in response to whatever was said, regardless who said it. It didn’t matter, the topic or timing.

I’m sitting in a briefing about an away game and the assistant manager ends his business with … “ oh by the way”, as he points to the man,” I have a letter for you, see me in my office.”

Doesn’t the guy say in a sarcastic tone and gesture … “ I can take it now if you’re not too busy.”

The hush in the room was noticeable – this assistant manager wasn’t a man we had business with often, but his reputation as a no-nonsense individual preceded him.

“Ok”, he says as he opens the letter.

With a pause, the assistant manager adjusted his glasses, clears his throat and looks at the man …. And says, “your fired…”

As you play this game … any game, be mindful of your personality. It’s your calling card.