Calling an "Appeal"


You’re watching a play and you notice something that warrants a closer look - even a call that just might go your way.

You want to make an appeal to the umpire. How would you go about It? Would you call time out, or just motion to the closest umpire "I want an appeal for… "

Appeals are a part of the game that very few amateurs understand. If you’re really on top of things, appeals can work for you in big ways - but, there’s a right and wrong way to do it. By the way, there are certain protocols in baseball that have to do with the proper respect necessary when approaching an umpire when requesting an appeal.


I don’t claim to know all of the in’s and out’s of making appeals but I’ve seen plenty of cases of pro (as in MLB) players not knowing either. :astonished:


Situation, Runner at 1st base and a fly ball is hit to right and caught for the out. The runner at first realizes too late that he has gotten off too far and doesn’t make it back to 1st before the throw from right field. He is actually out by appeal on this play. Force plays are only for runners advancing; not for runner retreating. This is not a force play like most of the world thinks it is. It’s an appeal.

Appeals are done with the ball in play. Generally, because his players have no idea what to do in order to make an appeal, a coach will call time to explain to his fielders what he wants to appeal and how he wants them to do it–once the ball is put back in play by the umpire.

Only real advice I have is appealing batting out of order. If you are on defense, see what happens with the improper batter. If he’s out and no runners advanced…and it does not result in bringing up a strong part of the other team’s lineup, just let it go. If the batter gets on or advances runners…challenge the batting out of order. The proper batter will be called out.


Sometimes an appeal can be an umpire’s quicksand. You’re darned if you do, you’re darned if you don’t. Appeals on interference is purely a judgment call and so is a lot of other stuff.

Just one of the million reasons what I could never see myself in blue. Never. How these guys can sleep at night, without snuggling in with Jim beam, Old Granddad, Johnny Walker and so on, is beyond me.

I know this is off the topic here, but, I once had someone tell me that: In all of sports, the world over, there is no one more vilified than the Baseball Umpire.