Calf muscle excersize

so i’ve been trying to come up with the could calf excersize bceause theyre good dahs-in/sprinting muscles. I think i came up with a good one. Its the exact same thing as jump roping but since there’s no rope focus on pushing off harder with your toes. I did 3 reps of 100 and man my calf muscles were rock solid just while standing up. Can someone do 1 rep of 100 and tell me what they think of it? i had my friend do it and he thought it was a great workout and it also makes a good aerobic excersize too. so someone try it and give me feedback

I usually do 4 sets of about 2 min straight each set. I cant give u the exact ammount of how many reps but I do feel a good burn during and after the workout, If you can do 100 in a row 3 times thats pretty good. Just remember to stretch out good after.

Thats good for your endurance but its not gonna build muscle there or gain strength. Try doin the same thing but hold some dumbells in both of your hands, or do it on one leg. You wont be able to do as many but it’ll be a better workout.