Caleb - 16U Video Analysis

Hello. My son is a Sophomore in high school, has been using the Tuff Cuff book for over a year now and has also been an avid reader online with respect to pitching mechanics and physical preparation. He’s 6’-3" and 180-185lbs currently and has been topping out at about 85mph for the past 6 months and hasn’t been able to get any higher than that.

Maybe there are some things in his mechanics that we are not seeing? The one thing we know he probably should improve upon is somehow finding a way to get more of an arm circle, but he’s having a hard time forcing himself to do so - perhaps he is too tense?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FYI - video for first 7 seconds is black, but then is good afterwards…

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My first suggestion would be to improve his set-up on the rubber. He sets up with his feet so wide apart the he has to shift his weight back towards 2B just to go into knee lift. This creates a change of direction in his delivery that can be a source of control issues - especially in later innings as he starts to fatigue. It also tips off base runners that he’s going to the plate and gives them a jumpstart. (I used to coach my players to look for a weight shift when they had the steal sign.) Depending on how he pitches with runners on base, this can make him slower to the plate.

So have him set up with his feet closer together so that once he lifts his front foot he only goes forward.

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His release point needs to get out in front of the planting foot.

Thank you Roger. That is a great suggestion. An easy one to make too.

CoachPaul, how does a pitcher work on getting a later release point as you suggested?

Not trying to answer for CoachPaul but, to me, a later release point is the result of maintaining good posture and balance through the delivery (to stay online with the target) and rotating late.

That said, it looks like this pitcher has some postural issues (i.e. glove-side tilt) going on which will pull the release point back and up. Try to get him to keep his “head upright” or “eyes level”.

This is certainly good advise.

Also, getting the front hip out with good forward momentum down the target line, early in the delivery helps get the pitcher’s hips over his landing leg. This in turn gets the torso out in front and allows the hand to be at least even with the front foot and sometimes as much as a foot or so forward of the landing foot.

Tom House’s towel drill is a good one that people use. Be conscious of not slowing down the arm to hit the target with the towel.

Thanks again Roger and Paul. I actually just noticed his back foot flying off the ground instead of staying planted then dragging behind. Maybe that has something to do with the posture issues too. What is your take on the arm action - does not having a commonly used arm circle lead to inconsistency and even shoulder issues in the long run?

Assuming I understand what you mean by “commonly used arm circle”, I don’t see any issues. There are lots of pitchers who don’t use that.