Caleb 10U Pitching

Looking to improve control. Any advice or observations? Caleb pitches with either slide step or the leg lift. His velocity is good. He throws a fastball and a changeup. Our goal is to throw a higher percentage of strikes. Any input would be welcome and appreciated.

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Wow, I like it! It’s not often you have a 10 year old with that kind of fluid body control. I would not change a thing at this point, just pitch limits (don’t let his travel ball coach over throw him). Enjoy the game and take it easy and most of all have fun.


Thank you Jerp33. Caleb has great coaches that keep the fun in this game and they work at developing the whole player.

Really nit-picky here, but he’s a bit deep on the back leg bend after hand separation and his hips don’t get optimally forward at the top of his lift. His front knee bend is also a bit deep as he comes off the rubber toward the plate.

That being said, he still really gets off his back side strongly enough to get over his stride leg through release and follow through. It looks really good.

The only reason why I mention these things at all is because you are looking for more accuracy. More flex and bend makes it harder to repeat within an acceptable deviation for a movement pattern. Can some pitchers do it?
Absolutely, but these are the the exceptional athletes. Most of us are not exceptional. Consistency in location is based upon how much deviation there is from a perfect movement pattern.

Less flexing and bending of knees can reduce this deviation and allow the results to be more consistent.

Thank you CoachPaul. I looked at Caleb’s slide step for comparison. Caleb’s slide step gives him better control than the leg lift. The back leg in the leg lift is deeper than the slide step.
We are working to get the slide step and the leg lift approach to look the same from the batters perspective.

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Hi DLDrake. First and foremost, your son has great rhythm and timing at such a young age. The one flaw I see that may improve his consistency immediately is his lack of front foot stability at ball release. If you are not strong with your front foot at ball release you’re going to have a hard time getting to a consistent release point and control will suffer. Lack of stability with your front foot means that he is drifting towards home plate at ball release. Stable up that front foot and try to get him not to run down the mound after ball release.


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Thank you Steve. We will get working on these adjustments and try to repost a video of his approach. We will go slow and check back in with some progress. Can’t beat Caleb’s hustle and his hard work and I’m sure he will want to get right to work.

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Yesterday Caleb pitched 2 innings to close out a big win for our team. He threw 73% strikes with 3 K’s and two weak ground outs. 1 BB that was caught stealing. Outstanding day. His velocity is still very good

Our adjustments from my first post in January,

  1. After the pitch, Caleb backs up to the rubber to receive the ball. This has firmed up that front leg and given him the stability you talked about. (No running down the mound)
  2. Mental focus. Caleb has dramatically changed his mental approach. He is intense and focused but having fun. He pitches with a vision and a plan.

Thank you.


Congratulations on your sons recent success. I am glad I can help. If you have any questions please feel free to get back to me!