C4 Is it safe?


Anyone take C4 before pitching? Have you seen different results then before without C4? Is it safe?


As I understand it, this stuff is a “Pre-Workout Supplement.”

I’m going to qualify myself here by admitting that I’m not a big fan of supplements. A supplement by its very definition is to “supplement” something… in other words… instead of doing this, you supplement that… or simply stated … “instead of.”

I would suggest staying away from the substitutes of good nutrition and healthy foods. Everything that you need for healthy growth, your body’s immune system and so forth is right on your grocery’s shelf. Keep a constant in your diet without the peaks and valleys of energy spurts, keep your body well supplied with a normal routine of a good breakfast, lunch and supper. Workouts that fit that schedule … not the other way around, is the best and only advice that I can offer.


It took a whole generation smoking cigarettes before we found out if they were safe.


C-4 or Composition C-4 is a common variety of a plastic explosive.


It’s safe, but it’s not as cool as shotgunning a Monster before you strike out the side in the ninth.