C.C Sabathia is the ultimate iron man

just wow…any thoughts?

It’s plain and simple amazing. His next start in the playoffs is expected to be on three days rest too unless whoever the Brewers’ manager is (anybody?) switches it up.

Yeah that start would be against the Phils… either way he could only get 1 start in. He needs a break b/c he’s pitched 3 games in 9 days.

He definitely doesn’t want his series to go 5 games and the Dodgers/Cubs to go 3. Then whoever their manager is will either force him to go on 3 days rest or switch up the rotation. Yikes.

Do you think four straight starts on 3 days rest will be bad for Sabathia in the long run?

My Yanks will probably get him in the offseason, he hasn’t slowed yet but it’s very possible an extended period without baseball (his body might’ve gotten used to the workload…for now?) could be bad for him. He’ll still ask for a huge contract, but I hope his quality of play doesn’t hurt from the pitching.

Hey Peavy, just wondering but are you a Yanks Bandwagoner (yes they exist, even this year :p) Because your Padres sucked so much?

Hell no.

<----- (Dunno where the location thing is, its somewhere over there) As you can see, I live in NYC and I’ve been a Yankee fan for life, same with my entire family. I hopped on the Peavy “bandwagon” when he was 11-14 because I like his pitching and he had my name ( :smiley: ). Yes the Pads suck and that certainly reflects on my boy Peavy’s record (no way he’s a 10-11 pitcher…), but I am definitely not a Yankees bandwagoner.

I lined up my arrow and the location exactly by guessing! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: