Bushsnel speed gun

Hey guys i’m a belgian pitcher and they recently gunned me with a bushsnel, i threw 81 mph
But last year i threw 83 on a pocket radar. I believe that my pitchers where not 81 mph. I Read that alot of People said that it is’t accurate and that it is 4-7 mph off
Can yall confirm this and how hard am i actually throwing?
Thanks for your time


Sounds look he 96, hard to say exactly though, somewhere between 96 and 103

Thanks for the serious answer, defenitely taking this with me

I suspected, that for the price, there might be some innaccurisies. Positioning is crucial, and adding + 5 seems to help. We use it as a baseline for determining velocity improvement, and spread between pitches. For those data points, the Bushnell is adequate.


Did you ever had the chance to compare it with another gun and see the differences? So i’m actually throwing around 85 mph?

Thanks for the reply

I have a Bushnell and I would say it is usually slow a couple of MPH(-0-2MPH being the normal range
). Every once in a while it throws one that is off in that 4-7 range…usually it was because if wasn’t aimed perfectly and has a smaller margin of error. I think adding 4-7 MPH across the board is adding too much. If you took a series of readings…toss out any odd low readings and add 2 MPH and you are probably pretty close. As Kingscounty said…its great for determining improvement and spread.

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The Bushnell doesn’t provide reliable readings for small objects like baseballs.

My son was clocked at a camp consistently throwing 4-6 mph faster than our Bushnell gun recorded. So we just add 5 mph to whatever the Bushnell says.

The Bushnell is only useful to track whether you’re improving, not what your exact velocities are. If you want accurate readings, you have to spend several hundred dollars more for a high end gun.

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Read my post truth about velocity and radar guns. This will clear things up.