bushnell radar gun

is it worth it to buy it for 50$ ?

A guy in elk point had one. Atleast i think it was a bushnell. It sounded like it was 3 or 4 behind the stalker. I’m not 100% sure because one guy threw then me then i had to go so i didnt get to check all the time, but i know i was hitting high 60’s on the bushnell and then the actual team alberta coach told me on the stalker i hit 75 once and was around 73 or 72. They seem to be very give or take though and not the most accurate readings, but it will give you a general idea

Those cheap radar guns are good for giving you a general understanding of how hard you throw. They arn’t really good for precision readings.

Accuracy from pitch to pitch is more important then accuracy compared to Other radar gun #1. If you think ones faster than the other it shouldn’t matter only for bragging. If you have one that tells you how much slower your offspeed stuff is than your fastballs is all you need. Same with tracking progress especially with workout plans.