Bushnell radar gun!

Just Bought a Radar Gun on ebay and I’m going to be getting it in the mail on monday-wensday not really sure which day yet. The radar gun I bought was a bushnell radar gun brand new and never opened. I hope to pitch on tuesday Vs Live hitters And Find out my MPH and then Post it on this form to tell everyone what it said. I know there not 100% accurate but for 84$ and free 2 day shipping it’s pretty good.

I figure if in practice it say’s 75 and 72 then i pitch in that range for my Fastball.

I will let you know when I’m going to post my MPH and when I get it in the mail.

Try to throw your normal velocity. Don’t try to throw “extra hard” for the gun as that’s how pitchers hurt themselves.

The Bushnell gun doesn’t have much range so you’ll want the person taking the readings to be as close to the catcher as possible.

Would 10 feet away from the gun be ok???

Good point roger I was thinking that My self I’m just going to focus on one spot and try to hit it like i noramly do. Not try to do anything different.

what is the speed difference between it, the Jugs and the stalker?

The speed difference is 1/2 mph for jugs to 1 mph to bushnell.

I just have received the bushnell radar gun in the mail today and I have a scheduled double header that I’m going to be starting the 1st or 2nd game. So I will be able to find out how hard I throw by saturday night. If I play the 1st game and pitch the 2nd my velocity might be done a little due to throwing more.

My estimate right now is 70-75 with little to no good training. It could be more Idk. But my goal is 78-80 concistently by next baseball season I think I can make it happen.

So saturday’s 1st game starts at 4 pm and the next game is 30 minutes after the 1st one so I will be posting at around 10 pm Est time if you wanna know how fast i throw.

thanks for telling us wut time youll be posting :expressionless:

no I ment lwhat is the difference in speed readings between them

because the stalker reads 3 mph slower than the jugs but how does the bushell compare to both

Ok I have a dead arm at the moment BUT I’m still throwing with average velocity for my age I think.

Weak Arm MPH {due to long season} 68-72
When healthy I throw about 2-3 mph faster then tonights game
So when healthy I throw around 70-75.

My mechanics felt VERY GOOD but my arm is tired and fatigued when i pitched due to a long season of pitching and playing baseball.

Is the range of 70-75 AVERAGE, BELOW AVERAGE OR ABOVE AVERAGE for a 15 year old?

Also the distance of the radar gun to mound was 100 feet so that kind of sucked. I hate big backstops. 100 feet is max distance to get good reading.