Bus ride talk

For those of you who are going to play on a college or even a professional club (minors & Independent Leagues) the bus rides on your schedules may take a bit getting use to.

Now you’d expect to find some serious dialog about game strategy, or even some funny jokes and stuff – but you may be in for a surprise.

Here are some of the topics that I’ve overheard:

Is it true that your underwear can affect your game? I mean, does it really make a difference if you wear jockey or boxers? Suppose I wear jockey shorts but I turn them around so they feel like I’m wear boxers?

Is fruit Of the Loom brand really made from fruit? No wonder I’m having

If I cross my legs in the dugout does that really cut off the circulation to
my stride leg?

Does gravity really pull down on my glove more in the dugout than on the
field? Hmmm… yeah… that makes sense.

Hey look…. He ties his cleats backwards!

In the dugout, where the heck does all this spit go anyway?

Do these sunflower seeds come from sunflowers or seeds?

No one can really count the seams on a baseball because they keep going.

Hey check this out… our leadoff guy got a tattoo last night. Hmmm… I didn’t know there was two “O’s” in mom?

This stuff use to keep me up nights… but I got use to it. Someday, You will to.

Coach B.

That’s hilarious Coach B.
If i’m starting that day ill normally be talking to the catcher and going over the scouting report. But otherwise i’m just talking about sports or just making jokes