So this is going to be kind of a dumb question but as I got high school tryouts coming up, I’ve realized that I have no idea how to bunt. I just have never in the past had coaches that were big on bunting so I never learned. I guess I really don’t know much bunting technique and hand placement and all that stuff so like I said silly question, but do you guys have any tips or things I should know/learn to bunt?

  1. Keep the barrel of the bat higher than the handle.

  2. Keep your hands essentially fixed… bend at your knees and move your body up and down to adjust to the height of the pitch, not your hands.

This may help:

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Get forward in the box. Get your hands out in front of you. Keep the barrel higher than the handle. Start the barrel at the top of the zone over the middle of the plate and bend at the knees to adjust to pitch location. Control the direction of the bunt with your bottom hand. Extend or retract your bottom hand to select the side of the diamond for placement. Bunt the top half of the ball. Never stab at it with the bat. Let the ball come to the bat. Do not bunt to the pitcher. Bunt in the direction of the infielder with the worst jump and if possible with a LHP bunt to 1b side and with a RHP bunt to 3b side. Their follow through takes them away from your bunt.

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