Bullpens during summer season


Son is 16U rising Jr. In the past he played for a travel team based about 45 minutes away. This summer team is further away & players come from a larger radius. They’ve been getting together once a week for practice and scrimmage games on weekend. With 18 players and limited time bullpens are not part of practice. In the past my sons thrown bullpen with pitching instructor and one in practice giving him two for the week. Tournaments in the past have been 2-3 day events but moving to showcase events this year will be many 4 day events. Trying to figure out if he should squeeze two bullpens in from Monday through Wednesday and the obvious answer seems to be no. Seems to me if his pitching is spread out from Thursday through Sunday a light bullpen on Wednesday or Thursday would be about all he can handle. He will be throwing during the week, just thinking about bullpens. Any thoughts on how to stay sharp with this kind of schedule?


You will have to constantly adjust based on how much time between outings or planned outings. Monitor pitch counts and try to keep total pitches level. Perhaps he can throw on the side during the games. Tournaments make it difficult to establish a routine. Don’t force in bullpens too close together.


Listen to your son’s pitching instructor.


You can, of course, adjust not only how many bullpens he throws but also the number of pitches thrown per pen. You can also trade full intensity pitches for drills which reinforce proper mechanics but which reduce the intensity of the throws (e.g. flat ground work or the NPA’s knee and rocker drills).