Bullpen Worksheet

One of my tools as a Bullpen Coach was to chart and advise on the preparedness of the days/evenings rotation. From the starters to the relievers, they all had a certain degree of dependability and a pitch inventory for every pitcher on that rotation, that had been decided on for that game.

Below is an abbreviated version of what I used. For highly competitive amateur ball, those clubs that are fortunate enough to have a Bullpen coach might find this “Scrap” sheet helpful. I liked to use the word “Scrap” on my worksheets when doing bullpen duty, so the sheet wouldn’t get mixed in and confused with other analysis sheets that would be consider formal statistic sheets. The other thing was this - there are so many stats that are accumulated, game after game, bullpen sheets can only add to the overwhelming amounts of data that’s collected.

Now some organizations/clubs actually want as much as they can get - stat wise. I never worked for those clubs, so that’s why I kept my sheets separate from all the others. Besides, these sheets where only used to document my advice and comments when the call came to “get up” a pitcher, and/or, sent one in.

The numbers in the boxes are the pitches called for and the type of pitch called for. The hand scribbled circles are the actual location(s) that the pitcher delivered to. Note that this sheet documented a reliever that was gotten up twice. After his second time up, he was called into the game.

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