Bullpen to game performance

The last couple of weeks, I’ve thrown very good in games. I’ve thrown 10 perfect inning, with very good velocity and command. But for some reason, my bullpens are flat out awful. I’m not throwing hard, and I’m not hitting my spots. Why could this be happening?

When Im not pitching the same I am in a game. Its usually because Im thinking about it too hard. In the games I dont even think. It just happens. add that to and who knows what happens. Just try to relax and envision a game scenario. Try not to think, just throw!

Watch Mariano Rivera. He begins with some stretches. Then, before he even starts warming up in the bullpen, he takes a couple of moments to get himself into a mindset he calls “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet but very intense focus in which nothing exists for him except getting the batters out. And when he enters the game he takes that focus with him to the mound. And he does what he does—picks up another save and goes home. It’s uncredible, the way he maintains that aura of unflappability. One can learn a lot from him. 8)

Maybe you just need the game intensity and focus, you need the bullpens to improve and to build more and more confidence. Maybe you just need a batter in the box?

I wouldn’t worry about it… The game’s where it counts! Keep throwing well!