Bullpen Time?

Ive throwin and my is starting to feel strong again. I feel that my arm strength has increased alot from last season which is great. I know im not at 100% at having my arm strength back though. I got tryouts feb. 10th. Is it time to start bullpenning and focusing on pitching now? What are you guys doin at this time? Some feedback would be much appreciated :lol:

Right now I am still working around 80%. I have been throwing in the bullpen indoors for a few weeks, but mostly light. You can throw bullpens, but just keep it light at first. Gradually work your way up until the season.

Yes. If you’ve already got about 4-6 weeks throwing base under you, then it’s definitively time to go off the mound. That’ll give you a good 4 weeks before the tryouts. I suggest working up to 50-60 pitches in the bullpen. Start with FB’s the first two weeks. Then add off-speed stuff. Continue to do other types of throwing in addition to your bullpens, too, like long toss and general throwing. Do you have TUFFCUFF? Your throwing programs are all laid out for you in the back of the manual and I can help you pick the right plan for your time frame.

No, i currently dont have the tuff cuff program