Bullpen Squad

This is, for most, the offseason.
So, thinking about the upcoming season can give you the opportunity to start something that
most, if not all, amateur ballclubs don’t have - a BULLPEN SQUAD.

A BULLPEN SQUAD is a network of catchers and pitchers that plan on returning, to get together
for an informal meeting- like once a week, or maybe once every two weeks. During that meeting,
talking about and making notes of who they’ll be facing next season - strong batters and how to
pitch to these guys, base stealers, and the possible coaching tendencies on the other side of
the field.

This is also a good time to strengthen friendships and relationships between the batteries. Some
catchers prefer to backstop for certain pitchers, while other are less incline to. Also, this
is a good time to hash out those pitchers that seem to come unglued after only a few innings and
even those pitchers that are poor performers in the cold, or damp and wet conditions, and even
those that are prone to even not give a hoot when errors are made behind them on the field.

Why do I place so much emphasis on the catcher’s hashing this out with their pitchers? Because,
it’s the catchers that have to lead the club on the field. A take charge-type that can read a pitcher,
know which end is up, and knuckle the club down when necessary. A catcher has to be aware of
those on the opposing bench that are killers in the batter’s box, and on the base path.

In addition, those new to the club, like in tryouts and stuff, can be sized up against the established
rank and file, giving the catcher a fair ideal of what has to be dealt with during the season.

If a club has a control freak as a coach … any coach… “my way or the highway” … you’ve got
problems from the get-go. So do the homework necessary to see if getting the current batteries
together now, is really worth it.

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