Bullpen Session: Strange and Amazing Results

Today I threw some pitches with my dad ON FLAT GROUND and… well, I:

Threw a “soft-toss” fastball that rocketed out and hit my dad’s foot and bruised it badly.

Threw a breaking ball (my dad just called breaking ball) and the first one started about letter high and inside to a right hander, and then swept and dropped through my dad’s legs. The ball literal veered left. My dad asked for it again and I thought “higher arm slot.” This time I threw a ball that started at his collar bone, he stood up to catch it, and it dropped straight down and deflected off of his wrist. Think Brett Myers and Clay Bucholtz.

I also had great speed differential on my changeup but couldn’t get it down. It was high and over the middle.

Finally, I experimented with a two-seamer and got good movement, but I could feel my mechs were just different (lower arm slot).

This tells me that I’m throwing from different arm slots (bad) but I have a really diverse arsenal of plus pitches (good). Also, my mechanics are consistently inconsistent and I’m still wild.

What I want to do is tighten up my mechanics and consistency, but keep the good movement on my pitches. Also, I don’t know how I’ll be able to throw the slider and the curve since I used the same grip, just different arm slot. And I throw my four-seamer and two-seamer from different slots, and I don’t know where I throw my changeup.

In general: I’m completely confused. I really don’t know where to go from here. I know that if I can tighten up I can be completely baffling, I just don’t know what to do.

Please help.

Oh yeah, and how would these results change on a mound?

Won’t anybody help? :?

Throwing on flat ground is useful when you’re working on a new pitch—but if you’re wondering how things will come out when you’re throwing from a mound, there’s only one thing to do. Throw from a mound. Get a catcher, and the two of you go out to a playing field that’s not being used at the moment, and you get up on the mound and come in there with everything you’ve got.
You say you’ve been using a lot of different arm angles. That may have been all right for El Duque (Orlando Hernandez), but I have the impression that you would be a lot more secure with just one arm slot—be it overhand, three-quarters or sidearm—and you need to get that settled. That should help considerably with the wildness problem. The rest? Get a good pitching coach and do some work on your mechanics, which will also help. I really would need to see first-hand just what you’re doing, but what I’ve said here should do for a start. Good luck. 8)

Thanks. Anyone else?