Bullpen Scripts

i’ve redone my bullpen scripts for this season. ive included holding runners as part of our regular bullpens instead of a seperate holding runners bullpen. if anybody wants a copy of these just email at: coachd_04@yahoo.com

In the major leagues—and, as you know, this is my particular frame of reference because my pitching coach was an active major-league pitcher—holding runners on, etc., is an essential part of pitchers’ fielding practice. I remember one day when he got several guys (who turned out to be some of the Yankees’ second-line players) to be infielders, another one with a bat to hit grounders and line drives, and we devoted an entire afternoon to fielding practice, including a couple of hours on holding runners on and pickoff moves. We had spent one morning practicing with phantom runners, ranging from the “bump on a log”—a runner who wasn’t going anywhere—to the definite threat to steal; now we were doing it with real live baserunners. We also worked on comebackers—line drives in particular, hit right back at the mound—and for this one has to move fast in order to avoid being hit by those liners! In one intensive afternoon I learned more about this essential aspect of fielding my position than a lot of guys might learn in a month. I can’t recommend this strongly enough as an important part of practice for pitchers in fielding their position, and it should not be limited to the bullpen. 8)

we are doing it live too. our pitchers have a pfp session daily. our pitchers work on holding runners/picks/rundowns vs. live baserunners at least 3 days a week. this is a very important often overlooked aspect of pitching. thats why we have added it to our bullpens too.

Sounds great Steve. I like the approach. It would be very interesting to see how many outs you manage to produce additionally. I’ve always felt that the savings in arms/pitches thrown were reason enough to add or enhance pfp’s to include run game suppression. Another factor is the mental strain you place on an opponent when they have to be constantly concerned that you are working a play on their run game and are constantly on guard to being set-up.