Bullpen 11months after tommy john please review

My name is Cody Jones #34 and a redshirted freshman at ETBU and coming off tommy john surgery I had last season. Im tryin to work on kicking the catcher with my heel so I can stride out more. And get my elbow at a more 90 degrees when I land on my foot while pushing off my back leg. I would like any comments to what I can or need to work on to make me quicker and without any hitches or pauses in my delievery. Thanks

this is interesting to me. I don’t want to say much about your mechanics, but i would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.

I’m 6 months post UCL repair as well, and have a few questions about proceeding forward with my rehab. One of my questions is what have you done to find the “red flags” in your delivery that may have led to injury? I’m contemplating a bio-mechanical analysis this summer, simply because i don’t want to continue to do things that may have led to my arm injury to begin with. I do believe that a good deal of my injury was due to overuse, but how can one tell how much was simply overuse and improper stretching/strengthening/arm care/maintenance etc. instead of actual mechanical issues? Do you follow what i’m saying?

I’m also wondering how the college recruiting process went for you? You say you’re 11 months post op, which leads me to believe you likely missed most if not all of your senior year of highschool? Don’t know much about the school you’re going to, but did they scout you as a Junior as opposed to a senior? Do you think if you weren’t injured you could of competed at a higher level (division) college?

Good luck with your rehab.

which one are you ???

42 or 34??

Personally, I think you might want to shorten your stride some. Your arm seems to get up a bit too early actually. It looks like your arm is almost waiting for your body to catch up. By shortening your stride you will make your arm later. Besides obviously the injury you had and the mechanical issues is there anything you really need help with. Are you having control issues?

[quote=“hydejing”]which one are you ???

42 or 34??[/quote]

he’s # 34, throwing in front.

this is just what i observe and i compare to those long career pitchers in mlb

first your arm swing is too behind as a result, when the ball is up high behind your head, you end up like ben sheet, chad chillingsley etc

most of people will just have pendulum swing from body side and when the hand is vertical the ball is behind your head not behind the left shouder

Yeah, I’d say your stride length is pretty solid.

The thing to remember is, stride length is not the result of reaching your leg, it’s the result of good momentum down the mound and carrying your hips toward the plate.

If you focus on where the big parts of your body go (torso), the rest (arms and legs) will get where they need to be.

I have to agree to Priceless, your arm is really getting up to early, and to me it also seems like you are short-arming just a little bit, but that shouldn’t be a concern

It’s not clear to me what this means but there is nothing wrong with your stride length. Like Palo said, stride length is a result of other things (good momentum, stable posture, good sequencing and timing (staying closed and rotating late). Do those things well and stride length will happen.

Which elbow are you referring to?

Question for you… Do you throw only with a slide step? If so, why? The reason I ask is because I don’t think you’re getting much out of your lower half and that’s what I would suggest you need to work on.

I went to high school where i had a new head coach every year and only one knew anything about pitching so alot has been just from I could learn on the fly in a way. I was the only pitcher who could actually pitch so i threw a lot and to often before my body could recover. I also think some of my problems was that I went from low three quarters to almost sub-marine and just put to much pressure on my elbow. I got a camera and started recoreding myself in the bullpen and just throwin and me and some of my teammates broke it down and just messed around to see what works for me. Im a redshirted freshman bc i tore my UCL early last season. But my school now saw me as a junior in high school and wanted me.

Im starting to release the ball from glove higher about below my chest so my arm isnt trying to catch up. I only go from the stretch bc im a closer and just feel comfortable this way bc I dont always come in with no body on base. This way I dont have to worry about the wind up. I use the slide step so I can change the time in my delivery but Im starting to pick me knee up higher.  I dont think Im havin control issues, Ive walked one guy in 3 innings with 6 ks. Im keeping the ball down and on the corners.

Just wondering. How fast do you throw?

i was cloocked at 87 in high school and im about 85 86 now. I still got about 6 more months of healing for my arm and didnt get to finish all of my rehab.