Built up to quick

Just wondering how long it will take to heal.

Did 3 flat ground pitching
1 mound with a little pain
Felt better a couple days later, went back and got hurt (6 days ago) 1 week tomorrow night.

Usually I throw flat ground to build up, we got a portable mound and went right to it hence why I got hurt.

Just wondering if I’ll be better as I’ve caught bullpen and threw it back with a few light throws, hopefully it will be beter for tryouts in 8 days, just wondering

How long and what I can do to heal it quicker.

Please explain what kind of pain you are experiencing. How long and where?

It’s not so much pain, it’s like a weird cracking I hear while throwing after a while it hurts a little in the bicep/triceps with the cracking up in the shoulder, doesn’t seem like a problem but a minor tear.

Not sure what you mean there. Pain hurts and discomfort is something else. Cracking is another story. I’d get an appointment with a sports orthopedic physician for a diagnosis. Soreness is normal, pain is not.

  1. Stop all throwing.
  2. See an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine.
  3. See no one else.
  4. Follow the orthopedic surgeon’s advice to the letter.